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Valuation Enhancement

Strategic Planning & Modeling Provider


This business network was founded in 1994. This notice is for executives who may want associate status and for entrepreneurs requiring a business network connection. Our goal was to create a substantial network of advisors and executives who have the experience and networks to bring value to our clients and perhaps the financial wherewithal to participate in ground-floor opportunities. These opportunities, while not without risk, offer tremendous upside potential. The Entree Network in cooperation with affiliates provides entrepreneurs with the ability to interact with those advisors and executives who share their passion and want to be part of educating, funding and building a new wave of American business success stories to include viable exit strategies.

  • Start A Business
  • Value Your Business
  • Plan Your Exit
  • Penetrate Major Accounts
  • Assess Markets
  • Competetive Pressures
  • Pricing Models
  • Running Lean
  • Personnel Issues
  • Pre-Legal Issues
  • Building An Advisory Board
  • Strategic Partnering
  • How To Be Acquired
  • How To Acquire
  • Business Model Assessment
  • Increasing Revenues
  • Introductions
  • Back Office Integration
  • Technology Assessment
  • Business/Franchise/License Support